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A visually stunning journey through Voyageurs National Park.


is the culmination of several weeks spent filming in Minnesota's northernmost regions straddling the Canadian border. Encompassing more than 340 square miles, Voyageurs National Park is a watery wonderland almost exclusively accessible by boat. Journey with us as we explore a land blanketed in pristine lakes, ablaze with kaleidoscopic fall foliage, and home to the most spectacular displays of the northern lights on the planet. This is Voyageurs.

Here are a few fun statistics from our trip:
Crew: 3
Time: 14 days
Distance: 100mi+
Photos/Videos: 20,000+
Digital Memory: 2.5TB

Our journey started on the southeast section of the park accessed through Crane Lake. From there we hiked, camped, backpacked, and boated (yes, boated) all around the park - through Sand Point Lake, Namakan Lake, Ash River, Kabetogama Lake, and eventually we making it out on the northwest section of the park on Rainy Lake. Scroll down to learn more about our journey through the park including filming locations, equipment we used, photos, and more.

This film was made possible by the wonderful folks at the Voyageurs National Park Association who work every day to maintain this park as one of our national treasures.

We hope you enjoy our work and welcome collaboration at any level. If you are interested in becoming involved in our project or furthering our efforts in any way please feel free to shoot us an email:, and/or donate to our cause!


King Williams Narrows
Mukoda Lake
Namakan Narrows
Blind Pig Island
Crane Lake
Kabetogama Lake
Junction Bay
Kettle Falls
Woodenfrog Campground
Beaver Pond Overlook
Ellsworth Rock Gardens
Rainy Lake
Gold Portage
Locator Lake Trail
Ash River


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